Thursday, September 27, 2007

emails not a good communication for some

emails have only the words on them to communicate feelings and thats what can be a limitation, particularly with folks that are not great emotional communicators to begin with. So we have all met up and everything seems on track for the italy trip. My fellow traveler who seem unexcited about the trip looks like he's on board. In person, it easy to gauge things by their body language. Something lacking in emails. For example: email from me "hey, looking forward to lunch! see you then." Response: ok. Now reading this response, one would get the feeling that this person is unexcited, possibly someone who is going reluctantly. Its why i often overemphasis things that i wouldn't in real life. Like thats great! Looking forward to it also! A smile conveys alot, but smiling in real life is not conveyed in email unless you specifically make an effort to translate to email form. anyone else have issues with emails, misunderstandings, communication breakdowns?

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