Friday, August 3, 2007

yoga good

I've started out a yoga regiment a few months ago. I first started out taking one class a week and now i'm going 5 times a week. In a word, i'm addicted. ok several words.

This was not my first attempt at yoga. I tried out yoga a few years after hearing the wonderful benefits of relaxation, health etc. Some of the yoga was boring and pretty unchallenging and others were very challenging, but seemed way too femine for me.

I ran across bikram yoga, famous for 115 degree rooms, after reading a book by the founder at barnes and noble. He touted that one would feel great energy, sleep better etc. The benefits were initially not completely apparent. At first, all i felt was tired, but as i practiced more, i saw the energy boost and relaxation. I think this was largely that my body and mind was tensing up in the heat and the newness of the poses. I should have been relaxing into the poses which sounded like lunancy to me. Relaxing into killer poses in 115 heat! not possible, but the more i did it, the more relaxed i became and the more energy i recieved. I sleep better too, which is something i had problems with before yoga and i think this is a direct result of being able to calm my body and mind better.

Whats behind this yoga?

Beyond all the chakra talk, i think there is basic scientific explanation of the benefit of yoga. Yoga really works on strengthening your spine and in a recent mens health article said that a strong spine makes all physical activities more efficient i.e. less wasted energy. It also teaches your body to relax under stressful situation. I think most of us have experienced stressful situation that may last a hours or a few minutes and that afterwards you feel completely spent. At least in my experience, this is because of a tense body and erratic breathing. This yoga teaches how to breath calmly and to relax in stressful situation, resulting in a more efficient use of your energy. I think once i start traveling i will be fit and ready for world traveling.

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